Guma Protection Services

What we do

Our process centres around building a unique risk profile for each client and putting these products together for a solution that gives complete peace of mind. This approach, combined with our people, is our strength. We bring together the best in our field, fit both mentally and physically, and adaptable enough to make the best brand ambassadors for your business.

Guarding Services

Professional armed and unarmed guards, who not only monitor safety, but also provide assistance for your valued clients. Our guards can be equipped with Guma uniforms, or your brand colors.

Rapid Response

Guma guards will be there in a jiffy at the press of a button, ready to deal with any threats you are facing. Take your peace of mind to the next level, knowing you have guardian angels at your call 24/7.

Neighborhood Patrol

Keep criminals deterred with visible guarding. 24/7 patrols around your neighbourhood that keep criminals reminded that you are protected by the best.

Event Security

Our people will patrol the grounds making sure your patrons are safe and respecting the facilities, man the gates for orderly entrance and ensure payment.

VIP Protection

We'll get your special people from A-B, safe and sound, with comprehensive bodyguard services, that include secure vehicles and convoys as necessary. Our bodyguards stay in the background while you do what you need to, but are ready for action at all times.

Valuables Transportation

Let us take good care of your valuables while there are in transit, making sure they arrive at their intended destination, in the intended state, at the intended time. it could be fine art, or even that expensive bottle of whiskey, if it's valuable to you, we'll deliver it safely.

Alarms & Access Control

CCTV and related technologies that allow you to keep an eye on what is happening around you at all times, as well as technologies to allow you to limit who gets access to any part of your home or business.

Risk Consulting

We help you assess your security needs to make sure you are fully covered and put a strategy to get or stay protected. Just tell us what you need covered and we help you figure how it can be done best.

Exciting stuff coming soon

We’ll soon be introducing drone technology to add an eye in the sky for advanced event monitoring.

We are never off-guard

Guma Protection Services is PSIRA accredited.

Guma Protection Services is PSIRA accreditation

Guma Protection Services Expertise & Market


Enjoy peace of mind in your home knowing that you and your family are covered from all threats. We spare no effort in making sure nothing disturbs those precious moments bonding with your family, weather you are at home, or away.


We will make sure your personnel, clients and assets are protected so that you can concentrate on providing the best possible service and get the best possible efficiency from your people, making you the preferred service provider, just like we are to you.


Our teams provide security for public property as well as communities, placing personnel, technology and patrols strategically, so that everyone in the neighbourhood can go about their business without fear, only peace of mind.


Contact us for security services of personnel and property for once off events. Our teams find a good balance between protecting your attendees from external threats, and protecting your infrastructure, making sure it’s left in a good state.

Get Protected by the best today

If Guma is not currently your risk management solutions partner, you should change that immediately because you are missing out.

Why We Give Complete Peace of Mind

Guma Protection Services' Quality Assurance

Guma Protection Services understands that we are the last line of defense against those that would do harm to you, your loved ones, your property, and your valuables and we take the trust you put upon us very seriously. Dealing with what could be life or death situations, we are committed to doing the job right the first time round. We could enamour you with money back guarantees and a million gimmicks, but that won’t take away the trauma of experiencing crime.

Our only guarantee is that we’ll give you peace of mind that lets you live your life to the fullest, knowing nothing can go wrong while we are on the watch.