Guma Protection Event Services

Guarding Services

Event Security Services

With Guma, safety and harmony will be the order of the day at your events. Our people will patrol the grounds making sure your patrons are safe and respecting the facilities, man the gates for orderly entrance and ensure payment, and we’ll soon be introducing drone technology to add an eye in the sky for advanced monitoring.
Our Events Security team specializes in providing safety and security solutions to the special events industry. We offer our clients peace of mind through high quality service delivery, inclusive of:

  • Providing event co-ordination
  • Crowd control and crowd flow
  • Access control including manual and electronic searching as well as ticket verifications
  • General assistance and public relations
  • Emergency management services
  • Pre event assessment and post event evaluations
  • Traffic and parking management
  • Protection of key areas such as VIP section, stage and entrance